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Open Season (Formerly Hamilton)

Open Season was originally launched as Hamilton, a WallyCento, in 2012, and she was built by Green Marine with naval architecture by Judel Vrolijk and exterior & interior design by Design Unlimited.

The studio created an interior that followed the trademark Wally pattern of clean, stylish simplicity, in this case featuring the use of pale wood veneers and clean runs of joinery with channelled recess handles and detailing to give a smooth functional feel. This streamlining enhances the sensation of space and light inside the yacht without forsaking the high level of sophistication and comfort required in a luxury cruiser.

In 2014, Hamilton returned to Green Marine for an extensive refit which included an extension to her hull length and her draft, transforming her into a Wally 107.  Again, Design Unlimited were brought in to handle the interior re-design.

Open Season is a highly competitive cruiser-racer, carrying the unmistakable Wally pedigree. She is fast, beautiful, comfortable and easy to sail. Open Season shows incredible acceleration and exceptional ability to perform in all conditions: in light air she behaves like a light yacht, in strong air she is stable and powerful. When cruising, the deck offers large living areas including the wide flush stern, while the interior provides big volumes to accommodate her guests in full comfort.