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Nigel Jones Celebrates 10 Years at Design Unlimited

Nigel Jones celebrates 10 years at Design Unlimited.

At Design Unlimited, we’re extremely fortunate to have several long-standing and incredibly talented team members.  Nigel is one of those, and this month celebrates 10 years with the studio.

“I still get the same buzz from my work today as I did 10 years ago, perhaps more so,” comments Nigel.  “The design process, the steps I take for short or longer term projects, hasn’t changed but, of course, the results achieved today are incredibly exciting.”

Nigel is involved with interior and exterior design projects, and at all stages – from initial sketches and visualisation to material selection.  “It’s always exciting to see a design evolve, and I find managing a design’s development through manufacture and launch, dealing with various stakeholders, a really rewarding process.”

Fundamentally, a yacht is a mode of transport.  Elevating the various design elements and working with skilled individuals to achieve a finished result that is so much more, is an aspect of his work that Nigel particularly enjoys.

Over the last 10 years, Nigel has seen huge technological advancements change the way the Design Unlimited team works, how they communicate with clients and other partners throughout a project.  “The development of 3D software for modelling and visualisation, moving away from hand sketches, has allowed us to involve clients earlier on, as well as give us greater freedom to achieve a client’s vision.”

Nigel is excited to see how clients are becoming more forward-thinking, seeking to future-proof designs and achieve reduced impact on the planet.  “The next 10 years are sure to bring huge, positive change.  From the electrification of RIBS to how yachts are purchased and their full life cycle of use, there are several companies pulling in the right direction to reverse the industry’s climatic impact.  As a company and importantly as designers, we too need to take responsibility of how the industry develops, from material sourcing to design for manufacture, it should be a major factor in our design process to keep asking the question, have we done enough?”