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John Everett Celebrates 10 Years at Design Unlimited

This February marks 10 years since John Everett joined the Design Unlimited Studio.  Fresh out of university, having completed the Boat Design course at Coventry University, John began his role at Design Unlimited just six months after his graduation.

10 years’ on, it’s the diversity of projects and the different elements of design within those projects that keeps John inspired.  “Sourcing and enlisting artisans who can add to the process is exciting, and knowing that specialist skills are being used to produce the vision of the studio whilst balancing the challenges of being aboard a yacht. There’s a certain charm that comes with knowing you’re part of a team that’s created something special. Problem solving and finding creative solutions also adds to the enjoyment for me.”

John’s degree course gave him a great foundation of skills, and he had opportunity to gain some first-hand experience while studying.  Since joining Design Unlimited in 2012, that knowledge has been continuously built on, thanks to the wide variety of projects and collaborative working style across the studio team.  “We’re constantly learning from each other, and the wealth of experience in different aspects of the industry all feed into a melting pot of skills and knowledge to cover a wide range of areas – whether it’s production yachts, historic vessels or designing for high-tech modern superyachts. We all work together and that versatility is incredibly effective.”

John says the most inspiring element of his work, is having a client show confidence in his ability and put their trust in him.  Often, it’s this factor that sees John strive to achieve the greatest design result.

In the last 10 years, the team at Design Unlimited has grown significantly.  As a company, we’re extremely proud to have such a well-rounded group of individuals in the studio and the team always go above and beyond.

Thinking to the next 10 years, John would like to see an increase in the use of sustainably sourced and recycled materials featuring in yacht design.  “Whether it’s for insulation, surface finishes or structural aspects, any steps in this direction would be extremely positive.”  John is also interested to see how ownership habits and yacht usage might change, and whether that will impact design choices: “As more owners start to spend more time aboard throughout the year, this will undoubtedly have an influence on the yachting platform and required facilities – and that’s going to be an exciting evolution.”